3 March, 2015

During the period of the project (from September 2011 to August 2014) was carried out successfully the development of a demonstration plant for recycling and separation mixtures of polyolefins. The demonstration plant developed is showing in the following image: 



The results obtained are the following:

– Obtaining a demonstration pilot plant for separation polyolefin blends.

– Optimum polyolefin blends separation for size fractions of 10 mm.

– It is necessary a previous treatment with a size mill to achieve the right size for the following process.

– Separation in two fractions of the polyolefin blends: a PEBD blend with a efficiency of 97% and the other PEHD/PP blend with an efficiency of 87%.

– Definition of the final applications with the obtained products with suitable market results.

– Film production with the samples of PEBD with market proprieties.

– Profiles PEHD/PP production with market proprieties.