Imagen - REC Polyolefin

Achieved objectives:

During the period of the project (from September 2011 to August 2014) was carried out successfully the development of a demonstration plant for recycling and separation mixtures of polyolefins. The demonstration plant developed is showing in the following image: 



The results obtained are the following:

- Obtaining a demonstration pilot plant for separation polyolefin blends.

- Optimum polyolefin blends separation for size fractions of 10 mm.

- It is necessary a previous treatment with a size mill to achieve the right size for the following process.

- Separation in two fractions of the polyolefin blends: a PEBD blend with a efficiency of 97% and the other PEHD/PP blend with an efficiency of 87%.

- Definition of the final applications with the obtained products with suitable market results.

- Film production with the samples of PEBD with market proprieties.

- Profiles PEHD/PP production with market proprieties. 


Proyect targets:

The main objectives of REC-Polyolefin project are:

  1. The design and development of a demonstration pilot plant for recycling post-consumer polyolefin blends, with a treatment capacity of 1,000 Kg / h, in order to separate the fraction of LDPE HDPE and PP.
  2. The development of own technology at pilot scale and to achieve separation of waste polyolefin blends, resulting in two different fractions: a LDPE with less than 4.5% impurities and one HDPE and PP with less than 20 % of impurities.
  3. The development of products with specific applications from the two fractions. LDPE fraction is obtained by extrusion-blown film of high quality and flow of HDPE and PP extruded profiles will be used for making furniture.
  4. The increase of plastic waste recycling processes, thus contributing to compliance with the specific requirements of European Directives: 94/62/EC and 2008/98/EC.


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