Imagen - REC Polyolefin

Technical Description of the plant:

The recycled polyolefin plant is composed by the following phases:


The samples are cutting to completely homogenize their size and to achieve the maximum performance in the subsequent contraction process. 


The heat treatment of the polyolefins is carried out in a rotating drum with heating system. The parameters of temperature and speed drum is controlled to optimize the process. At the end of this process, there are two strems: Polyolefins which have been deformed by heat (low-PP) and polyolefins which are not deformed (high-PP).


The separation between the two streams are carried out by the vibrating pneumatic sorter, where by the vibration and airstreams, the different blends of polyolefins are sorted, depend of the contraction that it has been carried out previously.

Technical Description of the proyect:

REC-Polyolefin The project involves the development of a pilot-scale demonstration plant based on recycling through separation systems post-consumer polyolefin blends, with a treatment capacity of 1,000 kg / h.

The technical principle of project development for the separation of LDPE, HDPE and PP is based on subjecting mixtures of post-consumer polyolefins to a thermal process. In this way achieves a geometric change in the low density polyethylene eases the separation of the mixture into two streams by conventional techniques.

The purpose of the demonstration plant development is to achieve a separation into two fractions from the mixture of post-consumer polyolefins (LDPE, HDPE and PP), first one mainly LDPE pure (> 95.5%) and second one a fraction of HDPE and PP (<20% of LDPE). From these two fractions two types of products will be developed, firstly a high-quality film of LDPE and secondly profiles obtained by the extrusion of the fraction of HDPE and PP, for the manufacture of urban furniture.

The development of the project will encourage the recycling of post-consumer plastic material which is currently present in large quantities. It also will aim to promote the concept that it is possible to obtain high performance products recycled from post-consumer plastic waste.


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